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Introduction of Research Affairs

With responsibility for delivery of the Department’s ambitious research strategy, the Deputy of Research will provide inspirational leadership, ensuring rapid and effective department responses to the society, stakeholders, environmental and natural resources departments through the region, and industry need, new research funding opportunities and government policies.

The Deputy of Research will work collegially across and outside the university to build new partnerships and to generate collaborative opportunities that will increase the impact of our research and ensure development of the next generation of outstanding young researchers.

Furthermore, we monitor the proper implementation of instructions, regulations and evaluating the research performance of the department and provide the feedback to researchers and the University.

Seyed Amir Hosseini
Deputy of Research Affairs
Assistant Professor

Fahimeh Alavi
Library Expert

  • 57240065-247
Rozita Jahangiri
Research Affairs Expert

  • 57240065-231
Daryoush Jalili
Workshop Expert (Mechanical Engineering)

  • 57240065-216
Morteza Khoubrou
Laboratory Expert (Materials Engineering)

  • 57240065-237
Hamid Reza Masoumi
Laboratory Expert (Mechanical Engineering)

  • 57240065-217
Mohammad Rasoul Momeni
IT Expert

  • 57240065-273
Amanallah Sayyadi
IT Expert

  • 57240065-272
Mohammad Tadayyon
IT Expert

  • 57240065-273

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